The Proof

homepic03Trial 1: In 1998 a trial was conducted on an extensive beef cattle ranch near Kimberley:

  • 1,500 calves were successfully weaned with NoseRings®
  • Heifers weaned with NoseRings® and left with their mothers weighed 30kgs more than conventionally weaned heifers when bulls were put in.

Trial 2: In 2000, a trial was conducted by a major feedlot organization and found that:

  • calves weaned with NoseRings® for two weeks prior to going to the feedlot performed significantly better than homepic04calves loaded directly from their mothers to the feedlot.
  • The average daily gain improved by 156 grams
  • Standing days were reduced by 16 days – a saving of about R160 per animal
  • Veterinary costs reduced by R21 per animal purchased, or 8c per kg purchased
  • Mass loss from traveling stress and the two-day stabilization period was eliminated as compared to 4.4 percent loss on just weaned calves – a saving of 32c per kg.
  • Therefore an immediate saving of R92 per weaner averaging 230 kg just in reduced traveling stress and veterinary costs.

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