Greater Profitability

The NoseRings® are held in place by a wing nut and a bolt that tightens the plastic ring in the nose. The NoseRing® is carefully engineered so that it does not pierce the nose and the tension in the plastic acts as a lock nut so it will not come undone. We recommend that the rings be left in for four to six weeks for cattle, depending on the type of animal being weaned. The aim is to dry up lactation but maintain the bond between the cow and calf without stress. These NoseRings® are reusable if stored properly. Some have been used for up to eight weaning seasons.

Please note that a small percentage of breakages must be expected. NoseRings® are designed to break if an animal gets caught on something – a trough, fence, etc. The cost of reusable NoseRings® is the equivalent of about 1.5 kgs of live mass. If the use of the NoseRing® prevents even 2kgs of weight loss through the weaning period, the cost of the NoseRing® has been money well spent.



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April 26, 2023