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Take the stress out of weaning

Weaning is an annual event in the life of a cattleman, but it is an event that tends to be stressful for both farmer and cattle. Cows and calves lose weight; losses that can take
a considerable amount of time and money to restore. As such, weaning that minimises loss of production is critical for successful beef cattle production.

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Learned Behaviour and NoseRings® by Abbey Kingdon

Learned Behaviour and NoseRings® by Abbey KingdonThe Brahman breed has been an integral part of cattle breeding in South Africa since the 1950’s. The tell-tale Brahman traits are well established in the commercial beef industry, even if sometimes the signs are subtle:...

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NoseRing® are available in South Africa from any Co-op, veterinary supply store or your local veterinarian.

South Africa


Address: Suite 12; Private Bag X2; Lonehill; 2062
Tel: 011 704 7218

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Tel: 061 237356

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Tel: 0211 254497

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Australia/ New Zealand


Easy Wean Pty Ltd
ABN 36 107 533 086
7 Bligh Street,
Kilkivan, Qld 4600; AUSTRALIA
Tel: 1300 EasyWean (1300 327993)

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