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How does the NoseRing® work?

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The secret to EasyWean® is that it works on the cow as well as the calf. The NoseRing® fits into the nose of the calf, without piercing the nose. When the calf tries to suckle the NoseRing® gets in the way. As the calf tries to get hold of the teat the spikes on the NoseRing® rub against the cow’s udder and she moves away. The spikes run horizontally and at an angle so even if the calf turns its head, the spikes still rub causing the cow to move away. As a result the cow weans her own calf without have to separate the cow and calf.

Do they hurt?

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No. EasyWean® is a stress free weaning solution. For the calf it is like wearing a clip-on earring. It may feel strange at first but he soon gets used to it. For the cow, the spikes provide just enough discomfort for her to discourage her calf from suckling. The cow/calf bond is not broken and the cow is happy to have her calf right next to her.

How long do the NoseRings® last?

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You can expect to use them for about five weaning seasons, although many of our long time clients are still using NoseRings® that they bought 8 – 12 years ago!! It all depends on how you look after them!

How long do you keep the NoseRings® in for?

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We recommend 4 – 6 weeks, until the cow stops lactating. In nature, weaning is a slow process. Using NoseRings® allows you to manage this process for the best production advantage. In our experience, 4-6 weeks is sufficient if weaning calves of about 7 months of age, and if you wish to keep the weaners with the cows. If you are planning to separate them anyway, then only two weeks is needed – just so the calves are not losing their maternal bond and their milk supply at the same time.

How do I know I am buying the original EasyWean® NoseRing® and not a copy?

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To ensure you are buying our quality product, please check that the NoseRing® is stamped NoseRing® and Made in RSA in the plastic. We are committed to producing a high quality and highly effective product, and we reward customer loyalty. Any old, broken or worn NoseRings® returned to us will be replaced at a discounted price. Make sure you buy original EasyWean® NoseRings®.

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