Dr. Dieter Nischk BVSc – Kokstad Veterinary Clinic

I have used the NoseRings® for weaning my calves since 1998. Many of my beef farmer clients use them too. I have found this method the least stressful of all weaning techniques. The weaners and the cows are not stressed at all. In fact, the weaners have weaned approximately 20 to 25 kgs heavier and the mothers have not lost any weight during the weaning process. 

During the traditional separation techniques of weaning, the weaners are locked up or weaned across a fence. The weaners bellow and run up and down the fences, as do their mothers. This process takes up to five days to complete. During this period the weaners lose weight as do their mothers – an estimated 30 to 40 kgs weight loss in the mothers and a 20 to 25 kg loss in the weaners. If this process happens during inclement weather, I have losses of weaners due to pasteurella pneumonia due to stress. The NoseRings®, if used correctly, are definitely far superior to the nose-plate method and in my opinion are in no way cruel or stressful. Beef farmers have reported back that they were very pleased with their results and confirmed my findings.

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