JD van der Vyver

If you want to, for example, wean a first calver’s calf a little earlier to give the mother a bit of a break, you just apply a NoseRing and leave the calf with its mother. In addition, the NoseRing gives you the flexibility to further wean selectively according to birth date. Over a calving season of three months, there is a huge difference between the first calves and the last ones. The NoseRing makes it possible for the last calves to also reach the ideal weaning weight.

My experience is that you don’t have any weight loss during weaning with the NoseRing on the one hand, and on the other, that you have the flexibility to increase your profits in some years by not having to sell your calves when the market is flooded by other sellers. I am very excited about the NoseRing.

JD van der Vyver farms on Brandwag in the Vryburg district.

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