Easy to Use, Easy to Remove & Reusable


No special equipment is required. The NoseRing® does not puncture the nose.Weaningdevice

To fit:

  1. Put the animal in a neck clamp and place one end of the NoseRing® into the nose of the calf with the spikes facing forwards and upwards. Then pull the NoseRing® across the other side and push the other end into the nose.
  2. Tighten the bolt and then loosen it slightly so that the NoseRing® will have enough freeplay to move up and down in the nose without falling out.
  3. Return the calf to its mother and leave for as long as necessary to wean the calf – approximately four to six weeks.
  4. Note: if the calves are to be taken away from their mothers, fit NoseRings® for only two weeks prior to separation.

To remove:

  1. Put the animal in a neck clamp.
  2. Undo the wing nut to the last few threads allowing maximum flexibility and then pull the NoseRing® off.

Reuse and Storage:

NoseRings® are reusable. When storing the NoseRings®, loosen the bolts so that there is no tension on the NoseRing® but that the bolt is tight enough so that it does not get lost. If bolts are left tight the plastic will eventually lose tension over time. Before storage wash the NoseRings® and apply some grease or Vaseline to the bolts to prevent the wing nut from rusting.

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