NoseRing® – A Solution for Dairy Farmers by Abbey Kingdon

In 1997, Whole Concepts designed the NoseRing®, a low stress alternative for weaning calves in beef cattle herds. The product developed as a solution to the grazing planning problem of breaking up the herd. The same year it hit the market, Paula and Matthew Beautlerk, who manage the Allegraine Jersey Dairies, in the Limpopo Province, for owner Dave Drewett, bought 30 NoseRings®. Allegraine...

Learned Behaviour and NoseRings® by Abbey Kingdon

The Brahman breed has been an integral part of cattle breeding in South Africa since the 1950’s. The tell-tale Brahman traits are well established in the commercial beef industry, even if sometimes the signs are subtle: a little extra length in the ear, an extra fold of dewlap, a slight hump, hybrid vigor, adaptability, hardiness. Especially through maternal lines, Brahman blood circulates...

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