Take the stress out of weaning

NoseRings to wean calves have been around since 1997, when Dick Richardson of Vryburg came up with the concept to reduce cost from loss of production due to stress. It soon transpired that NoseRings offer several additional advantages, such as easier management of grazing planning, larger and fewer herds, and easier single herd management. If you don’t have to separate your weanlings from the cow herd, it simply makes herd management so much easier.


Silent, stress-free weaning is achievable

by Judy Richardson and Michael Cox – During extreme weather conditions such as drought, NoseRings make earlier weaning possible.


Wean with NoseRing and earn a premium

by Du Preez de Villiers – With NoseRing, JD van der Vyver’s Bonsmara calves show virtually no signs of stress during the weaning period.


Weaning cattle for maximum production

by Judy Richardson and Michael Cox – Effective weaning that minimises loss of production is critical for successful beef cattle production.


NoseRing® – A Solution for Dairy Farmers by Abbey Kingdon

In 1997, Whole Concepts designed the NoseRing®, a low stress alternative for weaning calves in beef cattle herds. The product developed as a solution to the grazing planning problem of breaking up the herd. The same year it hit the market, Paula and Matthew Beautlerk, who manage the Allegraine Jersey Dairies, in the Limpopo Province, for owner Dave Drewett, bought 30 NoseRings®. Allegraine...

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