Dr. Dieter Nischk BVSc – Kokstad Veterinary Clinic

I have used the NoseRings® for weaning my calves since 1998. Many of my beef farmer clients use them too. I have found this method the least stressful of all weaning techniques. The weaners and the cows are not stressed at all. In fact, the weaners have weaned approximately 20 to 25 kgs heavier and the mothers have not lost any weight during the weaning process.  During the traditional...

Dr. FA Malan BVSc – Vryburg Dierehospitaal

I am very impressed by the NoseRings® since I have started to use them. They definitely make weaning easier for calf and mother. I can also state that no harmful effects of any kind whatsoever were detected and I use them in my own herd. I agree that they must be fitted properly and care should be taken in doing...

Dr. Karl Aadnesgaard BVSc – Zululand Veterinary Hospital, Empangeni

I can’t tell you how happy we were with NoseRings® on our weaners this year. Sure, a few fell out and were lost, however our calves suffered no sores and were infinitely happier without the weaning stress. A huge bonus for us was a significant reduction in losses due to lantana poisoning. Historically, we’ve lost four or five calves per annum, immediately post weaning, despite trying...

Dr. MG Vosser BVSc – Stella

Ek het self Afrikanerkalwers gespeen met die NeusRinge® en het geen nadelige effekte ondervind. Koeie en kalwers was rustig en kalwers het goed gegroei. Ek verkoop heelwat NeusRinge® aan ekstensiewe beesboere en die wat dit gebruik speen nou op geen ander...

Trish Oglesby, TOJO Ranching – Kwazulu Natal

Overall, we were very impressed with the NoseRings® and will continue to use them as our only method of weaning. Another advantage to the farmer is a decreased cost of fence repair as there are no longer calves pushing through fences to get back to their mothers and visa versa. Not to mention the sleepless nights due to the noise...

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