Piet van der Linde

With the NoseRings I don’t even know I am weaning, so easy and laid-back everything goes. I keep the weanlings with their mothers for about a week before I take them away without too much weaning shock. Ideally, I then keep the bull calves separate from the heifer calves. The type of season will determine exactly how long I keep the bull calves, but the aim is to keep them until August, when...

Owen Taute

During good seasons I sell my bull calves directly from their mothers at around 8 months of age and keep about 90% of my heifers. These heifers I wean in the cow herd with NoseRings. This reduces my management considerably, as I don’t have to provide for a separate herd. When, however, it is a difficult year and I want to wean early to help the cows, I wean the whole lot but keep them in the herd...

JD van der Vyver

If you want to, for example, wean a first calver’s calf a little earlier to give the mother a bit of a break, you just apply a NoseRing and leave the calf with its mother. In addition, the NoseRing gives you the flexibility to further wean selectively according to birth date. Over a calving season of three months, there is a huge difference between the first calves and the last ones. The NoseRing...

Take the stress out of weaning

NoseRings to wean calves have been around since 1997, when Dick Richardson of Vryburg came up with the concept to reduce cost from loss of production due to stress. It soon transpired that NoseRings offer several additional advantages, such as easier management of grazing planning, larger and fewer herds, and easier single herd management. If you don’t have to separate your weanlings from the cow herd, it simply makes herd management so much easier.


Silent, stress-free weaning is achievable

by Judy Richardson and Michael Cox – During extreme weather conditions such as drought, NoseRings make earlier weaning possible.


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